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For 20 years the Worldwide Centre for Organizational Development has been offering its clients best-practice consulting services, training, instruction design, coaching, people- based research, and a wide range of tools and methods to help maximise human potential. WCOD is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with offices located in Australia (Melbourne) and the United Kingdom (near Bath).

WCOD was formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1994 and grew to be a major player in the Australasian HR and OD scene within 5 years and continues to this day. In 2001, the Worldwide Center for Organizational Development was established as a separate entity in the US (in California) and in 2005 became the umbrella entity for the US Business Predict Success and Ready To Manage Inc. These combined businesses are HR, Leadership and Management Solution providers to the US marketplace and distribute via another strategic alliance-with HRD Press in Amherst, Massachusetts. In 2006, the Worldwide Centre for Organisational Development was established as a separate entity in the UK (in London) with a view to servicing a small number of local UK clients.


Extensive involvement in organizational research and new organizational development product/tool development ultimately has helped to establish the Worldwide Center for Organizational Development's reputation as a valuable source of consulting and coaching advice. This includes direct support in terms of specialist tool and process deployment as well as more general organizational consulting interventions where required.


Our Team

Executive Chairman: Dr Jon Warner

CEO: Anne Sandberg

COO: Anne Smith

CMO: Dan Vendeland

  • Employees: 8
  • Associates: 15
  • Instructional Designers/Authors: 25


WCOD Divisions

The Worldwide Centre for Organizational Development Ltd (or WCOD) is an international management consulting, OD, coaching, HR publishing and training business that operates in the US (where it is headquartered) Australia and the UK. The business was founded in 1994.

WCOD has five realms of major activity:

Logo - ReadyToManage

ReadyToManage: This part of our business delivers over 1,500 on-line products via a sophisticated web 2.0 based master web site and a number of partner white-label stores. Ready to Manage Inc is operated from California but has a customer base all over the world.

The blog associated with this site is at

Logo - CEO-Link

CEO Link is an L.A. based organization, run by Dr. Jon Warner, which assembles non-competitive CEO’s and business owners of all kinds in a monthly facilitated meeting which encourages peer mentoring to take place at many levels. It is aimed at CEO’s/Owners/Partners/Nonprofit ED’s who want to operate more efficiently and effectively as a business, as well as grow and prosper, both personally and for their organization as a whole.

Logo - Warner Results Coaching

Warner Results Coaching®: This division offers a unique executive coaching approach both directly and through a team of international associates. The RESULTS Coaching framework is an acronym standing for Reflect, Evaluate, Strategize, Understand, Listen, Take Action and Systematize.

Logo - Talent Spotters

Talent Spotters: This division offers a combined and fully integrated on-line development solution with support voice/skype-based coaching to managers as well as talent consulting. This combines many of the best online and e-earning based resources from WCOD with support from our world-class coaching team.

Logo - Build An Interview

BuildanInterview: This division offers a practical online, competency-based, interview building system for recruitment and employee selection. This helps organizations to recruit the best employees using an online tool called Interview Generator. This tool allows as many custom built selection guides as you want to build and has a large generic library.

Logo - Team Publications

Team Publications: This division offers best-practice Human Resources, OD and Training resources in print or physical form, including assessments, kits, books and more. Various distributors around the world print and sell these products and the online version are sold on

Business Optimization book cover

Business optimization proposes a simple but powerful model describing four major levers (prospects, processes, people and profits) present in any enterprise and what it means for these to be "optimal", with respect to overall and sustainable organizational health. This approach (and the book which describes it) provides a route map to better performance for any organization, no matter what its size or type.